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COTTLE-TAYLOR: EXPANDING THE ORAL CARE GROUP IN INDIA 1. a) What factors determine the demand for toothbrushes?
As we read through the case we find there are various factors that influence the demand for toothbrushes which is affected by both social and economical factors. These factors are:

* Affordability: The economic conditions that prevail in the markets, this focuses on the amount of disposable income and the income of the consumers and can they even afford to buy a toothbrush or not, so affordability is one of the major factors of demand, as it has been mentioned in the case that even in this new era people are yet using the traditional ways of cleaning their teeth. * Oral hygiene Awareness:
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Cottle did have a first mover advantage and had enjoyed it a lot as it was the first one among its competitors who developed a distribution network, they also partnered with IDA to create awareness in the local market and that had a very positive impact on the Indian public, making them the most trusted brand in India and getting a very favorable position overall.

3. How should cottle accelerate the development of the toothbrush market in India?
In order to boost the development of cottle in the Indian market, an integration of various marketing tools would need to be applied effectively for better results. First of all the company would need to focus increasing the use of print media for promotion, they could increase the billboard ads to create more awareness and attract more consumers. Then the other above the line promotion technique that could be applied is the used of radio advertisements and increasing their frequency for more buzz, as it is seen in India radio is the most used media. Cottle could also use various technologies that are regularly and easily available to go to the rural areas, attract more customers and increase the demand and awareness. Lastly I would suggest, as the consumer of India are very price sensitive, a lot of focus should be given on to the price of the toothbrush, as mentioned earlier they could actually use bundled pricing , where they