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Mrs. Knight

September 18, 2013

English 4

Macbeth Vocabulary

1. Furbish
a. To brighten by rubbing, polish
b. “with furbish’d arms and new supplies of men”
c. adjective
d. The newly furbished necklace sparkled like comets around her neck, memorizing all, just like that galaxies do.
2. Recomposed
a. To pay, reward
b. “the swiftest wing of recompense is slow”
c. object of preposition
d. After the agonizing day of work the young boy was recomposed by his grateful father.
3. Plenteous
a. Plentiful, abundant
b. “a plenteous joy”
c. adjective
d. My cousin’s wedding was an occasion that was very plenteous in laughter.
4. Harbinger
a. A person or thing signaling or announcing what is to come
b. “I’ll be myself the harbinger and make joyful”
c. noun
d. The harbinger announced that the vicious game would be coming to and end.
5. Chastise
a. To punish, scold severely
b. “and chastise with the valour of my tongue”
c. verb
d. When I was young my mother would chastise my unkind deeds with punishment.
6. Impede
a. To hinder or obstruct
b. “all that impedes thee from the golden round”
c. verb
d. Whatever obstacles impede you from succeeding to the fullest in life must be pushed aside.
7. Mettle
a. Courage
b. “for thy undaunted mettle should compose”
c. noun
d. For his incomparable mettle the valiant warrior was award the title “hero”.
8. Posset
a. Warm drink of milk or ale, often taken just before retiring
b. “do mock their charge with snore’s; I have drugg’d their possets.”
c. Noun
d. The posset that sat next to my bed quenched my thirst in the early morning sun.
9. Suborned
a. Bribed
b. “they were suborn’d”
c. verb
d. The suborned witness kept his tale quite as he basked in his newfound wealth.
10. Invested
a. Crowned
b. “he is already named and gone to Scone, to be invested”
c. object of preposition
d. After his father died, the young prince was invested and become the glorious ruler of the land.
11. Benison
a. Blessing
b. “God’s benison be with you, and with those”
c. noun
d. The preacher was grateful with the large benison he was given for obeying God’s commands.
12. Surfeit
a. to overindulge
b. “the door’s are open; and the surfiet’d grooms”
c. adjective
d. The merry king surfeit in the pleasure of the feast for his newborn son.
13. Multitudinous
a. Consisting of many elements or part
b. “the multitudinous seas in incarnadine”
c. adjective
d. The multitudinous in the ocean convinced the young girl that she wants to be an oceanographer.

14. Posterity
a. All succeeding generations
b. “It should not stand in thy posterity”
c. noun
d. The governor passed on the metal to his son, whom passed it to all posterity.
15. Verity
a. A statement or belief acknowledged to be established truth
b. “why, by the verities on thee made good”
c. object of preposition
d. The judge warned the jury to considered the verity of the case.
16. Rancor
a. Malice, spiteful
b. “put rancor’s in the vessels of my peace”
c. noun
d. Rancor pulsed through his veins from birth, he was pre-ordained to be the devil with a mask.
17. Bounteous
a. Plentiful
b. “According to the gift which bounteous nature”
c. adjective
d. The bounteous waterfall flooded her hopes as much as it flooded the streams below.
18. Incense
a. to make very angry
b. “have so incensed that I am reckless much”
c. verb
d. The young curious daughter incensed her father by wandering to far from her home.
19. Sundry
a. Miscellaneous; of an indefinite small number
b. “for sundry weighty reasons”
c. adjective
d. The room was filled full of sundry object, yet was valued dearly by dying