Could I continue to be physically active? Essay

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Could I continue to be physically active at the age of 80?
By: Iswarya Balakumar
I am not positively sure that I could be active at the age of 80. If I wanted to be active at age 80 I would have to be alive and without and severe health issues. There is higher chance of myself being inactive but it all depends on whether I have been consistently active from now till the age of 80. I do want to be active and healthy at an old age so my life will be longer.
My grandma who hasn’t done any physical activity in ages always complains about her aching bones making her unable to move around as quickly as she used to. When you are inactive your muscles and bones start to become weak making it easier to develop health issues like arthritis. I am a lazy teenager as it is so when I am older if my body hurt every time I moved I wouldn’t want to be active. A couple years ago my grandpa had tripped over and uneven floor and he fell down. For months he had to be hospitalized and for a year he had to be helped to do anything; like getting out of bed or into bed, walking, sitting, eating and even using the toilet. He had become so weak after so many years of no exercising.
My parents constantly put me into different sports, saying how they want me to be sporty and athletic. They tell me how I should continue to be this so that I don’t become overweight in the future. As time goes on it will get harder and harder to stay physically active but if I keep at it there will be good result for…