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Counseling Theory Critique: The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson
Brianna Zuver
Liberty University

Course and Section #: 201120 Fall 2012 COUN 507-D12 LUO
Sub-term D; Deadline: 12/02/2012 Instructor’s Name: Dr. James A. Laine Date of Submission: 12/01/2012
Counseling Theory Critique: The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson “Dealing with the demonic should be seen as a truth encounter rather than a power encounter” (Anderson, 2000, p. 258) this quote by Anderson, 2000, basically sums up his entire counseling theory in The Bondage Breaker. Anderson believes that the majority of what is construed as mental illness by psychologists today is actually demonic strongholds over the mind. Throughout his
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One part of Anderson’s book that especially made me think was his description of the path to Christ and the apartments on either side of the street (Anderson, 2000). I can easily relate this to many of the struggles I feel I have faced in my Christian walk. Each time I focus on God I feel my mind is even more filled with doubt about myself and my ability to be the person I know God sees in me. As I was reading Anderson’s illustration of how Satan deceives us through our own thoughts making us believe that this is in fact us simply taking charge of our lives I was reminded of how many times I have dismissed what I know to be truth in order to make myself feel better about what I am doing with my life. I have given myself excuses for not following Christ’s example, telling myself that this is my walk and my choice and I am free to live my life the way I see fit. These, I strongly believe are deceptions because even though I tell myself I am happier living to the beat of my own drum I feel plagued by doubts about myself that control my thinking. I believe strongly in the power of our own minds and I feel that Anderson is right in his theory that we fight a battle every day with deception. After reading this book I am motivated to seek God’s truth and rely on His words to pull me away from the lies I have allowed