The Variable Culture And Finance Of The City Of Melbourne

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After realize the brief information about the variable culture and finance of the city of Melbourne, now let me introduce the council which responsible for those activities and service and also the conduct of Melbourne city’s council election.

Firstly, I would like to introduce some of the current councilors for you. Robert Doyle who is the serving Lord Mayor of Melbourne was elected in 2008 and 2012. As a Member of Victoria’s Parliament for 14 years, Robert was Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Liberal Party for four years. He has reputed as the Shadow Minister for Health and an Ambassador for SecondBite, a not-for profit organization committed to making a positive difference by distributing fresh food to the disadvantaged and homeless, an ex-officio member of Cancer Council Victoria and an Ambassador for Field of Women, a charity raising awareness of breast cancer. Recently Robert joined the United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities (UNACLA) as a committee member and he take charge of the council’s major capital projects.

The council’s current deputy lord mayor is Susan Riley. She is responsible to serve a third term of office. Susan Riley is a successful businesswoman. She has had a career in publishing and the media spanning some 25 years and director of two magazines publishing companies. Susan is a strong advocate for small business. She has been involved in the promotion and marketing of CBD businesses for decades.

There are other 9 councilors included in the council and manage the service office in different domain.

This is the structure of Melbourne city council. According to the diagram we can find that….

Next let’s know about when, who and how the Melbourne city’s council election conduction.
When are council elections held? The election usually held in the fourth Saturday in October which one month earlier than the state election and it been held every four years.
This is the timeline of the conduct of council election:
Entitlement date
Ensure to be eligible to vote at a council election, people must be on the state or local council voters roll 57 days before election day. This is called the "entitlement date".
Close of nominations
Candidates must submit their nominations in person to the Returning Officer before the close of nominations. Nominations close at 12 noon, 32 days before the election day.
Close of voting
In postal elections ballot papers must be received by 6pm on the last working day before election day
In attendance elections, voting closes at 6pm on election day. (Voting