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The group aspect in this class has been a great part in realizing the process. My goals for the group are to be more vulnerable, more open, understanding different situations. Another big goal that I have is the ability to speak about my concerns instead of at times bottling them up and affecting others.These goals all revolve around me not wanting to be defensive anymore. I want to be able to be open to change and to accept feedback both positive and negative. These goals have been a priority for a few weeks while in the program. I have seen how my actions have been changing not only my reactions but my interactions with others. I have be working on this throughout these weeks by showing more emotion and be open. It is a continuous battle because I tend to fall back on what I am used to doing. I will continue to get feedback and help within the program but ultimately I will need to push myself to want to be better. I have come to understand and honor this because I know that it is necessary to do.

The group has brought issues about struggling and accepting positive responses. Last week we discussed how Michaela and Joanna were felt about Sean and accepting positives. I feel that I was able to place myself in both situations as receiving the feedback as well as expressing what the struggle was. I too have this problem with holding and accepting positive feedback from others. Along with this I did have a reaction as to why Michaela had anger towards Sean. I thought that it was a weird reason why she was upset. I think that if people want to relate to another person no matter how powerful the person is should be their own right. Some people relate or compare to actors and celebrities and I don't think that would be a problem. Everyone has their beliefs and thoughts but I found it to be a weird reason to be upset with another person. It was as a topic I wish I could have understood but because of time we didn't get that chance but I hope to look at this further as group goes on. During the group I seemed to react when I had thoughts or comments but