Essay on Counseling

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Briefly outline and describe the essential elements of a solution-based, short-term pastoral counseling strategy such as its goal-orientation; brief (i.e., number of sessions) and time-limited (i.e., length of each session) nature; basic tenets and guiding assumptions (briefly explain each tenet and assumption), essential interpersonal skills, and possible behavioral positions (i.e., attending, blaming, willing).

The goal-orientation for the short-term pastoral counseling should be to get the counselee to focus on their own goals that they have for themselves, and not so much what others or the counselor has for them. The class presentation, Overview of a Solution-Based, Short-Term Strategy, presents that you should limit the counseling
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Phase 4 – Connecting with the Community for Accountability and Support

The main purpose of this phase is to get the counselee embedded within a community of believers that will hold them accountable and assist them in living out their life for Christ. This phase is vitally important for the long-term success. Without accountability and discipleship mentor relationship, the counselee is highly likely to backslide on the action plan that has been worked out. The goal of this phase is provide the counselee with long-term success. The chief aim is to provide the counselee with a positive and supportive environment in which to flourish. The counselor’s role in this phase is to support the counselee in their next stage of healing and growth. A guiding assumption in this phase is that God has an ultimate plan for the counselee and is already starting a good work in them.

What will you need to do in order to provide a physical setting and corresponding resources that might cultivate a safe and secure helping relationship?

The counselor should provide a private and inviting environment in which to meet with the counselee. It should be a place where the counselee feels free to share their feelings and emotions without fear of reproach. The counselor should have at their disposal a set of resources to help the counselee gain more understanding outside of the counseling sessions. Even if the