Essay on Counseling: Psychiatry and Mental Health

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Counseling and Mental Health Services – Unit #1: Introduction to Careers in Mental Health and Counseling
Many treatment options are available to the mentally ill. Some services available are receiving medical treatment from a psychiatrist, participating in a community support group, and participating in weekly outpatient therapeutic services. However, for those experiencing severe mental illness, the best option may be to be admitted to an acute psychiatric hospital. At these institutions, patients receive care specifically designed to treat their serious mental disorders.

Sometimes admission to the hospital is needed to treat mental illness.
In this lesson, you will become familiar with the acute psychiatric care setting that is available to help those who are suffering from severe mental illness: the acute psychiatric hospital. A complete analysis of the procedures employed in an acute psychiatric hospital, including admission procedures, treatment options, and discharge procedures will be presented in this lesson. Furthermore, a review of the roles and responsibilities of a few of the mental health care workers at such a facility will be discussed. The workers highlighted in this lesson are: psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, social workers, rehabilitation counselors, and psychiatric technicians and psychiatric aides. They each play an important role in providing assistance to patients. A review of their duties and responsibilities will provide a look into how these workers, along with others, work together to deliver the best possible care and treatment to those suffering from serious mental illness. You will learn how special and comprehensive care is given to the patients and how guidance and assistance equip patients with the necessary skills and support to effectively function in society once discharged from the hospital.

In order to gain a full understanding of the acute psychiatric care setting, you are expected to read all content for this lesson. It is also important to conduct research beyond what is presented in order to effectively complete assignments and projects. You are also expected to actively participate in all activities and assignments provided in this lesson.


Be familiar with severe mental disorders.
Be familiar with the stigma associated with mental illness.
Be familiar with the history of the mental health system in the United States.
Be familiar with educational systems.

Access and navigate the Internet
Use word processor (Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect, etc.)

Explain the purpose of acute psychiatric hospitals.
Identify six mental health workers at an acute psychiatric hospital.
Discuss the roles and duties of the six mental health workers in an acute psychiatric hospital.
Explain the treatment process in an acute psychiatric hospital.

acute psychiatric hospital inpatient facility licensed to treat patients suffering from major mental disorders art therapy a form of treatment for mental disorders that helps patients understand and process emotions through creative expression, for example, drawing, sketching, or painting clinical psychologist a mental health professional who assesses, diagnoses, and treats mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders family therapy a form of treatment for mental disorders that helps patients improve and understand relationships with family members or significant individuals in their lives group therapy a form of treatment for mental disorders in which a group of patients, guided by a therapist, are able to understand their own feelings by sharing and discussing their experiences with one another individual therapy a form of treatment for mental disorders in which the therapist helps the patient process his or her emotions during a one-on-one interaction medical therapy a form of treatment for mental disorders in which medications are