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Counseling Psychologist A counseling psychologist gives people advice on how to deal with everyday situations and symptoms that aren’t extremely severe. You must also deal with psychotherapy (behavioral therapy). Since this is a health occupation, you would work in a clinic or hospital. You do have other options though; for example your own office and university in counseling centers. If you were to work at your own place, you would set up your own hours on the evenings and weekends. If you were to work at any of the other places, you would have regular hours. As a counseling psychologist, overall, the schedules are usually tight and you would work overtime. There are nearly 179,000 jobs for all types of psychology. But in 2014, it will go up by 20% which is much faster than other jobs are. There might be a difference in money since there will be more people, but in 2004, the price for an average psychologist would be $54,950. For people that were experienced-beginners, it would be from $41,850 to $71,880. For lowest 10%, you would make less than $32,280. For the highest 10%, you would make over $92,250. Overall, this every psychologist could be ranged from $32,280 to $125,560 and this could change depending on how our future will change. Of course, the least amount of money would normally be for younger psychologists that haven’t completed the whole school for psychology yet. Of course you have to go to college to become a psychologist. The top 10 psychologist schools are:
1. Stanford University
2. University of California-Berkeley
3. University of California-Los Angeles
4. Harvard University
5. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
6. Yale University
7. Princeton University
8. University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
You would start with 2 to 4 years of a master’s degree and be an assistant before becoming…