Counselling Interview Questions

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For my interview paper, I interviewed Mr. Bradley who advised me not to use his first name in my paper. Mr. Bradley was born in Africa, in the country of South Africa, in the year 1981. He relocated to the United States for educational purposes. He met his wife while he was still in school, after marrying his wife; he decided to build his career and family in the United States instead of moving back to his country after he completed his education.
Growing up, Mr. Bradley wanted to become a lawyer but he chose counseling partially because of his father’s influence. He worked closely with his father during his secondary school education days; it was during this period that his interest in the counseling field started developing. Seeing his father
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Bradley did his supervisory work at a nonprofit center down in South Carolina. During this period, he worked under a supervisor who helped him develop a more sophisticated and sensitive form of approach in counseling. He believes that supervision is very critical for prospective counselors because during this period, he worked under a more experienced counselor who pays close attention and reviews the quality of his work including the progress of his clients. He also received feed backs on his performance and where he needed some improvements. He learned the professionalism aspect of counseling as well as builds up professional confidence and explored alternatives means of assessing and understanding different issues that his clients might have. The experience helped him develop his own unique style of counseling. He appreciated the fact that his supervisor did not try to impose her own style on him; rather she encouraged him to discover his own style. Some of the major things he learned from the supervision experience were laws that protect both counselors and clients and ethical guidelines counselors must follow in order to perform their job …show more content…
Bradley enjoys doing. He believes that the counseling profession can be challenging at times. Therefore, counselors need to be in a clear psychological state in order to do their job effectively. He spends his leisure time outside of work to avoid burnout; He doesn’t sweat the small stuff. He likes to relax and listen to jazz. When things get hectic, he takes deep breaths and pace himself. He have positive self-talks. He stays true to his values and beliefs. He maintains a strong relationship with God. He exercises regularly to stay fit. He eats healthy and follows the food consumption guidelines recommended by doctors. He doesn’t drink alcoholic beverages or smoke, and he avoids second hand smoking and other tobacco products. He gets enough rest. He spends time with his family and friends doing the activities he