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The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy defines counselling as ‘Counselling and psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of talking therapies. They are delivered by trained practitioners who work with people over a short or long term to help them bring about effective change or enhance their wellbeing’. This reference is taken from One important aim for counselling is to help people manage transitions in their life that they may be struggling to cope with. The Adams, Hayes & Hopson seven stage model can help the counsellor understand that people may become stuck at one stage in their transition such as depression and that is when the counsellor and client can work together in the relationship to find best ways through what is happening. The Adams, Hayes & Hopson model also helps the counsellor understand how the client’s self-esteem is affected as they go through the transitions and build trust with the client so they can open up about their thoughts and feelings. Another aim of counselling is to give the client fresh insight into challenges they may face when trying to overcome their problems. Gerard Egan’s skilled helper model allows both the counsellor and the client look at the Current Scenario, Preferred Scenario and Action. This model can help the client look at the situation differently and bring to attention the possible blind spots they were not conscious of but are of concern to the counsellor. Again it is important that the counsellor demonstrates empathy, congruence and uses open and closed questions to gain a deeper understanding of the situation. This model also allows the counsellor to help the client consider all the choices and resources available to them and work through the problems of the changes and agree on goals with the client that can be achieved.
There can be a number of different reasons that people may need counselling services. One of the reasons may be Bereavement. At some point of everyone’s life they will experience loss of some kind whether it is death of a loved one or even losing a job. Bereavement counselling can allow the client to talk about their feelings and emotions. Bereavement counselling can help the mourning by allowing the person to transition through the stages of grief whilst in feeling safe and supported by the counsellor. Bereavement counselling will try and help the client accept their loss and encourage them to express their feelings including anger, guilt and sadness.
Cruse Bereavement Care is the largest Bereavement Charity in the UK. Cruse provides a vital service and the majority of their referrals come via GP’s. Cruse’s services are free to everyone in need of support. Cruse provides a range of services to people suffering from loss such as their email support. Some people find it difficult to talk about…