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RUNNING HEAD: Reflection on counseling


Reflection on counseling session recording Chua Ci Jie Introduction to Counselling James Cook University, Singapore

Reflection on counseling Reflection on counseling Counseling is interpreted as a therapeutic practice of utilizing dialogue to assist clients in better understand and coping with their individual problems or health issues (Counseling, 2003). The individuality of the counselor has been extensively regarded as a vital tool in the provision of productive counselling sessions (Pieterse, Lee, Ritmeester & Collins, 2013) and has commonly introduced as “self as instrument” (Baldwin, 2000; McWilliams, 2004 as cited in Pieterse, Lee, Ritmeester & Collins, 2013). Therefore, the
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The client then advances to reveal her suspect for marital infidelity and lack of support from her spouse. I then proceed to employ the fourth micro skill of encouragement by praising the client via positive feedback for her courage to reveal sensitive information on her marital situation and thanked her for sharing thereafter to express my empathy for her. I further challenged the client across various mode to consider her reasons for staying in marriage despite the issues highlighted. Each time ensuring my intolerance for infidelity is suppressed and not prone to counter-transference. Similarly, keeping in check transference is obstructed. Despite repeated self-checks, I still find myself succumb to my intolerance for infidelity. This could be due to my lack of therapist training as reported by Pieterse, Lee, Ritmeester & Collins (2013), self-awareness improvement is seen as a result of the counselor’s training. To reconsolidate my thoughts and realign my focus on the client instead of myself, I

Reflection on counseling attempt a pause break by invoking a summary of the clients projected problems until now and


confirming the information. After regaining focus on client, client further reveals she suspected her spouse of having an affair with the domestic helper but could not provide substantial evidence or proof of such. This is