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Saad Awan
English 10, Period 3
12 May 2014
The Two-Faced Count Edmond Dantes, who was also known as “The Count of Monte Cristo”, throughout the story which had three important climaxes. This is important because the story was divided into three sections which all have significant roles in the story. The story’s climaxes were when Dantes first got arrested and went to jail, finding the treasure, and getting revenge from certain people. Edmond’s false actions, but also the hatred from other people lead him to prison. Monsieur de Villefort has Dantes incarcerated as a dangerous criminal. This is confusing because he doesn’t really have anything personal against Dantes. After this, Dantes really doesn’t have hope or motivation to live his life. Before he meets Abbe Faria in prison, Edmond feels like starving himself to death. The priest that he meets in prison is his motivation to stay alive because he teaches Dantes many things. Once Abbe Faria has a seizure he gives Dantes a map that shows him how to locate the treasure, then he passes away. This is all just the beginning of Edmond’s scheme. With the help of Abbe Faria, Dantes now knows exactly what Awan 2 he will do. He escapes from prison to the sea and is saved by Italian smugglers. This action leads to him meeting with Peppino and Vampa who both play an important role in Edmond’s scheme. They are important because both of them owe Dantes their lives and they will prove indispensable to his plans for revenge. Once he has found the treasure he renames himself as “The Count of Monte Cristo”. this is significant because everyone thinks that Dantes is dead, so this is part of this sweet revenge. Dantes also disguises himself as different people as well because he doesn’t just want to get revenge, he also wants to sabotage his enemies. I…