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Country Lover’s: A Forbidden Lover Story

I chose to discuss the short story by Nadie Gordimer, Country Lovers, I will identify the theme and the literary elements that helped me with my analysis. I would consider the story Country Lovers to be the story of racial barriers that created a forbidden love story. There are many literary elements that aid my analysis, and support my interpretation of the stories theme. I will discuss how symbolism, characters, and settings supported the forbidden love story theme.
The story Country Lovers is a depiction of racial boundaries and social stratifications in a South African farm in the 1900’s. This was a time when there were strong racial dividers, and mingling between races was not
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In the story a line which, I found to describe Thebedi and how she would have been perceived to Paulus family is,” This usefully coincides with the age of twelve or thirteen; so that the time early adolescences is reached, the black children are making along with the bodily changes common to all, and easy transition to adult forms of address, beginning to call their old playmates missus and baasie little master (Clungston, 2010)”. This line moved me greatly because it speaks to me as if the black children were not worthy of the same rights to education, sports or teenage liberties as the white children were. The black children were expected at a young age to obtain responsibilities of an adult; essentially becoming a servant to the higher social classes. The emphasis on characters and the boundaries they had, helped me feel the importance of keeping their love affair a secret. The ending of this story resulted with the conception of a baby between the boy and girl. She tried to pass the baby off as her new husbands, but the “light” skin baby was questioned. Paulus was devastated when he found out about the birth of the baby, and visited Thebedi and the baby. The baby died the night after Thebedi’s visit, and he was later tried for killing the baby. He was found not guilty. The theme of