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Doris Chow
Part IV: Sections 1(D) & (E)
Promotion Mix (D) **You will need to delete in RED as it helps you piece it together as whole Brazil boasts having a reputation of fabricating some of the world’s most creative advertising especially when it is entertaining which includes familiar venues like the United States but in addition evening soap operas known as telenovelas and sporting events are popular and coveted advertising space (O’Barr, 2008). Since the average Brazilian tends to watch an average of five hours of television per day, television comprises of 59% of the media mix and the Brazilians are overtly loyal to their evening news and telenovelas so to center their time around those events (Millwardbrown, n.d). Other
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Channels of Distribution – Microanalysis (F)** This is a part I need help- read over and lmk your thoughts on this as we don’t really have a “product” but rather an outsourced manufacturing plant….. Embraer Jets is a jet manufacturing company that will provide planes to the airlines primarily located in the United States like American Airlines, Delta or Continental. Thus, in Brazil, there will not be a need for a traditional retail storefront, retail markups, or methods of transactional operations since Brazil will act as a manufacturing plant for Embraer. There is, however, a small retail store within the factory that sells models of Embraer planes as well as small items like pens, hats and clothes (Civil Aviation, 2005). The scale of operation for such manufacturing will be a rather large one as jets are fairly large in size and the plant will create more jobs to the Brazilian economy. Although the number and size of wholesale middlemen in Brazil is extensive and organized according to industry instead of product type and carry different product types to satisfy varying consumer preferences, Embraer Jets will most likely benefit utilizing wholesale middlemen for raw materials, labor and warehousing. Methods of operation since being on a large scale will most likely be credit or wire