Country vs City Essay

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Jeff Balhmann
Mrs. Crotch
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March 20, 2013
Country Versus City Living There are many advantages and disadvantages to living in the city and the country. There are some major differences between the two and before some one considers either they really need to think about what style of living do they want. Some people want to live in town because there is less traveling that has to be done. There are many more public events that take place in the city. Larger school systems can provide greater opportunities for students. Living in the country is completely different. There is more traveling done because everything is far away from you. There are not as many people so there are not a lot of events happening. Schooling is also very different because generally the classes are smaller. The three main points of living in the city versus living in the country that I am going to talk about are transportation, events and people, and schooling. In the big cities transportation is very different from in the country. There are subways and taxi's. People also walk to where they need to go a lot. Most people in the big cities do not own cars because there is not a lot of space to keep them. People would have to insure them, and it is normally cheaper to ride the sub way. In the country people have to own a vehicle. It would be almost impossible to live in the country and not have a vehicle. When people own a vehicle it costs money to buy it, insure it, do maintenance, and put gas in it. Even though it cost money to have a vehicle it is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a personal preference to either pay for a taxi or sub way, or pay for their own vehicle. In big cities there are a lot of people. When there are a lot of people more events are happening. There is always an event to do and an event for everyone. That is a great thing about big cities, but because there are not a lot of open spaces it can also limit people to what they can do. In big cities a lot of events are inside like museums, theatre's, shopping, and recreation centers. People could not do events in the city that take place in the country where there is more room such as hunting and fishing. In the country there are still events that take place, but some of them are different because of the people and how much open space there is. In the country there are county and state fairs, big parks, camp grounds, and a lot of other outdoor activities that people…