Courage Builds Through Resistance Essay

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Courage Builds through Resistance The refusal to accept or comply with something. Resistance. Otherwise known as when the Native Americans and slaves resisting of Andrew Jackson his Army as their way to survive. Through Hell and high water, they continued to fight for various reasons. The Angolans were tired of being ran through. Tired of seeing their civilization being torn down. It was time to take a stand. Around the mid-1800s, Fort Mose, was known as an important free black community as well as Negro Fort. Fort Mose was Florida’s, as well as the nation’s first sanctioned free black community. Negro Fort, these, and the rest of the communities were made for the free blacks to live slave-free lives. A new beginning, for them and their families. In 1945, more information was issued about Angola community got lost in identification. Angola was founded by Angola after Fort Mose was closed and Negro Fort was destroyed. A strong community it was. Angola, was talked of how flourishing the community was. But because of Andrew Jackson’s command over the U.S. Army, it was being diminished. Jackson ordered them to illegally enter and attack on the Negro Fort, which caused severe repercussions to the community. Over 200 people were killed or terribly injured. Jackson’s plan was to penalize the Red Stick Creek. He hated them just as much Hitler hated the Jews, just this was during the battle in Alabama during the War of 1812. Jackson sought to literally destroy the Angolan civilization. He led an invasion through Spanish Florida which later was named as the First Seminole War. On the other hand, some of the black forces could hold their weight and held off Jackson and his force while their families could escape. Some of the blacks who escaped joined up with the Suwannee River warriors. Which begun an alliance between the Angolans and Suwannee. They couldn’t stand to see their civilization diminish in front of their eyes. They began to reach out towards the Spanish and British Empires for assistance. In this case, international assistance did them well. The empires brought in carriers of ammunition giving the alliance a greater chance to fight back. A greater chance to win. Meanwhile, captured slaves of the Red Stick Creeks were being trained