Courage Essay

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Jared K.Edwards
Johnnie B. Robinson
English Comp 1
2 October 2014

Every human being in this world is blessed to have the ability of courage. Whether it is used or not is rather represented on the idea of what courage is to the person. But in a exact description on courage. Courage, as an idea , is the ability to overcome or persevere through a tough situation. Being categorized, courage, is broken down to three principals : Mental courage, Physical courage, and Moral courage.

When someone thinks of the word “physical” one may think of the body, or contact with the use of the body. Using that statement the question may develop as to what is physical courage. Physical courage is the ability to withstand the risk or the current state of pain, discomfort or the upbringing of threats. A prime example of physical courage is slavery. When the slaves fought back to win their freedom , they had to use physical courage. But that example can also be the same for mental courage.

Mental Courage is the initial thought or ability to persuade and positively contribute to ones thoughts to achieve perseverance in a current situation. For say, if one was scared of failing a test or that they are unprepared for the test, the same can use “Mental courage” to allow them to have the thoughts of how to succeed and prepare for the test, which may lead to studying. Continuing off the example for Physical courage, Mental courage may induced the thought of fighting back to own freedom and peace for those who were in bondage and their lives. Courage can also be an opinion as it can depend or be depicted off ones' morals.

Moral Courage can be defined as it is stated, the ability to withstand against or to stand for ones' morals, religious beliefs, and values. Moral courage can be used in many aspects as values are continuous. Constructed in to a better