Courage: Family and Threshold Sara Christensen Essay

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Unit 3 Project: Crossing the Threshold
Sara Christensen
Kaplan University
CM107 College Composition

Who isn't a believer of true, real love? We mostly blame Disney, but part of the blame has to go to Ninabelle and George Moore. When Ninabelle was 16, she met George. From what stories have been shared, she went after him. In the late 30s, this was almost unheard of! Imagine, a girl chasing a boy. Ninabelle was relentless, bugged and pestered George until she got what she wanted. A date. That's where their true, real love story began. Ninabelle has always been a courageous woman, and with her being my Grandma, only makes me proud. We weren't there for the begging, or the middle, but all of us were there at the end. Where the story has the most meaning. A fortunate few saw the last few days, the last chapter. The true love they still shared in those last final moments changed many lives.
Ninabelle has always been a strong person in all aspects. Strong willed, strong personality, and strong determination. She always went after what she wanted and didn't give up until she got it. No one thought she would last long after my grandpa died; which was 11 years ago. She's 89 years old and is still completely independent. She's still strong, even though giving up and letting herself go would be so easy. Seeing her dealing with my Grandpa's death, made me see her in a different light. The only time she broke down was while family was telling stories to the pastor about