Courage In Margaret T. Canby's 'The Frost Fairies'

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In the autobiography, The Story of My Life, is about a courageous woman named Helen Keller who worked hard to learn even after losing the ability to hear and see after a fever during her infancy. Many people believed that Helen would not be able to talk because many opined that after one becomes deaf, they shall never talk again. Helen Keller demonstrated prime examples of real courage. She overcame her adversities with perseverance and passion. I believe that the meaning of courage is: knowing what you are fearful of, but (have the courage to) continue to work and overcome it.
PAST TENSE; NEED BETTER TRANSITION For example, for her dear friend’s birthday, Helen choses to write a story about him as his birthday present. Mr. Anagnos, her friend works with “The Perkins Institute for the Blind.” He receives it and is so proud of it, he publishes it in one of his reports. Many people write back to him and state that her story, “The Frost King” is very close and relates to the story “The Frost Fairies” found in Miss. Margaret T. Canby’s book: “Birdie and His Friends.” She is accused of plagiarism. Mr. Anagnos becomes ashamed of her and choses to sever all ties of his fatherly love with her. Helen became very
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Furthermore, she raises money to better the lives of other deaf and blind people. She uses the skills she learns, and raises money for those who are less fortunate than we are. Keller exemplifies what courage is and what it means to overcome those obstacles that once held you back. “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do.” Helen proves the skeptics wrong and uses her speaking skills to obtain a better life for those who cannot communicate this. When it seems like the world turns against her, Helen courageously works against all odds, aspires hopes and seemingly light and sounds for those less fortunate like