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Never Give Up
What is courage to me? Courage in my opinion is to knowing something is going to be challenging and difficult but still go through with it and proceed and accomplish goals and concur fears. In this paper I’m going to right about someone who has had nothing handed to him and as displayed courage. He is my brother in law, Luke. I believe he has courage because he has done things that I could never imagine doing under the circumstances that were presented to him. My brother in law has shown courage in many ways. He became a parent at a young age of 21, he took the responsibility and did what he had to do for his family. He got a job he hated and went to school fulltime. He was dealt with a difficult situation, the obstacles he had overcame and where he is now, the success he achieved. I’m going to illustrate what courage really is through Luke’s experience.
He met my sister Katrina through friends and they started dating. Within in four months she reveals that she is pregnant with his child. He was at a young age of 21 the prime age for most of us. He was not thinking of having a family, just enjoying life and going through the motions with no plan set in stone. During this time Luke was living with his father and was going to school. He didn’t have a job, just relying on poker winnings and financial aid once a year. When Katrina announced her pregnancy he knew that this wouldn’t get them by. So he had no choice but to get a job he didn’t want. It was a job at Car Quest driving car parts around making minimum wage. That’s when he realized that he needed to do something better and change.
He then made a plan and took school serious, he decided to go for his bachelor’s degree in secondary education. He knew that for him to financially support his family he needed his degree as soon as possible meaning he would have to go to school full time, and quitting his job. When he quit his job that would mean Katrina would have to get a job she hated but they had to make that sacrifice in order to achieve success. Luke is old fashioned, believing the man financially supports the family, and it’s a natural instinct of a family man. He never gave up, he would always make time for his family while achieving a 3.8 GPA. He never gave up knowing that he had to do this for himself and his family. He had great courage while thinking the negative thoughts of the unknown. Was he ever going to finish?…