Courage: Personal Life and University Courage Essay

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Toni Rogozinski

Kaplan University


Courage is the mind state or spirit of somebody that enables that person to face difficulty, danger, illnesses or pain. It could also mean someone that is fearless. To me my first cousin Jonathan is a true definition of a courageous person. One of the strongest people I know. Throughout his life he has faced many trials and tribulations. At the Age of 6 he was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. In high school he was the only kid with this illness. The nurse really wasn’t even sure how to treat it, causing my Aunt, Jonathans mom to have to come up to the school to couch her on what to do. When he was growing up he couldn’t do the things normal adolescent boys could do. He had to make a huge adjustment to everyday life at such a young age. To anybody that would be a scary thing to do. He is required to take multiple daily injections. My cousin had to be prepared at all times for serious reactions and complications all of witch van be life – limiting or life – treating. Jonathan has been hospitalized and on the verge to death on more then one occasion in his life. To me he is remarkable, he showed strength beyond what most of us can’t comprehend as he battled and still is battling a horrific disease each day of his life. For him being courageous involves being fully aware and accepting the threat of Immediate medical emergencies and long term health concerns or problems. Even with this disease making a huge impact on his life he never gave up, it just made him a fighter and stronger person. He moves on with