Course Description: Spanish For Business In Latin America

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Course Description:
Spanish for Business I provides advanced-level language students with technical vocabulary and communicative skills covering business concepts as they apply to the corporate dynamics of the Spanish-speaking world, with a special emphasis on Latin America. Through readings, presentations, discussions, and video materials, we will analyze the current business environment in the region taking into consideration local economies and markets in light of their history, politics, resources, and relevant international issues.

Course Objectives: to familiarize students with technical business vocabulary to enhance oral communicative skills at the advanced-language level to learn about different business practices and cultural protocols in Latin America to report on up-to-date news in the Latin American scenario to learn how to make effective oral presentations

Enrollment pre-requisite:
Spanish 140 (or equivalent level)

Textbook (required, available at Penn Bookstore CENTER, 130 S. 34th St.):
Doyle, Fryer, Éxito Comercial: Prácticas Administrativas y contextos culturales, 6th Edition (only). Boston: Thomson & Heinle, 2015 & 2011. (No webcode necessary)

Supplementary readings:
Supplementary readings are available on the Span 208 Canvas site.

Code of Academic Integrity:
The Department of Romance Languages fully supports and adheres to all university policies and procedures regarding academic integrity (cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, etc.). The work you submit in this class is expected to be your own. If you submit work that has been copied without attribution from any published or unpublished source including the Internet, or that has been prepared by someone other than you, or that in any way attributes somebody else’s work as your own (e.g., translation without proper attribution), you may face discipline by the university’s Office of Student Conduct.

For more information consult:
University Code of Academic Integrity
Office of Student Conduct
Department of Spanish Guide to Academic Integrity (see our Canvas site)

1. Participation and homework 15%
2. Written work (2) 15%
3. Exams (2) 40%
4. Presentations (2) 20%
5. Video news reports 10%

Please, keep in mind that grades are not negotiable, and extra-credit is not an option.
Grading scale:

A+ 99-100
B+ 88-89
C+ 78-79
D+ 68-69
A 94-98
B 84-87
C 74-77
D 67-60
A- 90-93
B- 80-83
C- 70-73
F 0-59 Attendance:
Given the emphasis that must be placed on participation and interaction in foreign language courses, students are required to attend all classes. Following departmental policy, you may not miss more than 2 (TWO) classes during the semester. Please note that there are no “excused absences”. Illness, personal emergencies, travel, etc. count as an absence. If you miss class, you are responsible for making up any work and for knowing the material covered. No late assignments will be accepted and no make-up exams will be administered. If you miss any assignment, you will receive a 0. Extra credit is not an option in the Spanish Department.

Your instructor will notify you after the first absence and send a Courses-in-Touch warning notice to your school office after two absences. After two absences (starting with your third) your final grade for the course will be lowered by one sign (e.g., a grade of A- will be lowered to a B+). For each subsequent absence, your final grade will be lowered an additional sign.

You must report your absence through the Course Absence Report System. You can submit a Course Absence Report by logging on to Penn-In-Touch and choosing the “Course Absence Report” option from the menu on the left.

For further information regarding attendance, consult the official College webpage on Policies Governing Class Attendance