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Answer the Following Questions:

1. The transfer of tissue or an organ between two people who are not related is called?
ANSWER: Allotransplantation
2. How would aspiration of urine from the bladder be accomplished?
ANSWER: By means of needle, trocar, or ultracatheter
3. A collection of structures that suspends the testes in the scrotum is called?
ANSWER: Spermatic Cord
4. What is it called when an egg from the female is withdrawn and fertilized with sperm in a laboratory for 2 to 3 days with subsequent implantation into the uterus?
ANSWER: In vitro fertilization
5. A procedure that is performed under ultrasonic guidance to assess the status of the fetus is called?
ANSWER: Sonogram
6. What is a laminaria?
ANSWER: Any of a
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7. Q) When will an ED physician admit a patient to the hospital? Explain
ANSWER: ED physicians do not admit patients to the hospital. The Physician that does admit the patient is called hospitalists and will treat the patient during the hospital stay.
Answer the Following Questions:

1. Q) If a technician in a lab withdraws blood by means of a venipuncture, is that coded? If yes, with what code?
ANSWER: Yes, 36415

2. Q) Can a modifier -52 be reported with a panel code to indicate one of the tests was not performed? Explain.
ANSWER: No, you would instead list each of the tests seperately

3. Q) What type of test is performed to help a physician monitor the level of medication in the patient’s system or to monitor the patient’s compliance?
ANSWER: Therapeutic Drug Assys

4. Q) A urinalysis using a dipstick (81000-81003) reports what constituents?
ANSWER: Bilirubin, glucose, hemoglobin, ketones, leukocytes, nitrite, pH, protein, specific gravity, and urobilinogen.

5. Q) What subheading will you find codes that examine body fluids or tissues postmortem?
ANSWER: Anatomic Pathology

6. Q) What level of pathology would be coded for an examination of a gallbladder that was removed for cholecystitis? And which code would you report?
ANSWER: Level III, code 88304
7. Q) Under what subheading would you find codes for the testing performed on oocytes and sperm?
ANSWER: Cytopathology &