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In this course I would like to learn many things. Managing my time wisely and set deadlines for myself. Communicating with other peers around me and in the workforce, having self-confidence in what I do and to not second guess myself when I am trying to take on a new task or simply wanting to finish a task. When I second guess myself it holds me back from things I want to do. I usually don’t attempt to try new things because I think I can’t do it. This is the reason I don’t have a job. That is because my confidence level is very low. I always think that I wouldn’t be good enough for a certain position. I would also like to learn how to make that first impression when I meet people. Because I think first impressions are everything along with skills and qualifications.
I would like to take away with me after this course would be to build my confident me and try new things. Learn how to speak and answer questions in an interview better. Go for things I think I can’t do, sharpen up my communication skills with others while in public and in the workforce professionally. I would also like to break out of my shell, not to be so shy. I would like to have learned how to make excellent first impressions when I meet new people.
Some things I would like to be better at would be for me to have excellent communication skills, have self-confidence and to do things I wouldn’t normally attempt to do. Be able to walk into an interview and walk out knowing I did a good job. Being able to