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The following is the information needed for the course project:
1-Project Material:
Students are required to obtain an annual report and 10-K form of two publicly held companies
(other than the two companies used for final exam) for two consecutive years to be used for the project. 2- Project Learning Objectives:The primary purpose of the project is to experience up-to-date “live” Financial Statements “in their natural habitat.” For most users of financial statements, the natural habitat is the Annual report to the stock holders or the SEC Form 10-K report. For sound pedagogical reasons, accounting textbooks often use uncomplicated, make believe financial statements. These statements allow the text book author to isolate specific issues without confusing the student with
(at the time) extraneous issues. The result however is that students often are not exposed to the reality of actual financial statements. Students do not learn that “real financial statements” do not always appear neat and tidy as those illustrated in the text book. Real financial statements often use terminology that is unfamiliar and present information somewhat differently and in a more complex fashion than what the text books depict. This project is designed to increase students’ ability to apply the financial theories and financial analysis techniques to actual financial statements.. 3-Project Description and Length:
Students are required to apply the material taught in this course to the financial reports of the two selected companies to demonstrate their ability to analyze business environment and financial statements. A comprehensive financial statements analysis is required as presented in each module. A good project should exceed 20 pages double spaced.
4-Project Submission: Project is due on Friday of Week # 8, no later than 11:00 pm.
5-Project Grading
Project grading emphasizes the ability of students to demonstrate their understanding of the course material and their competency to prepare and present in good form a comprehensive and meaningful analysis. The format of the project is up to each student’s creativity and communication skill.

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6- Rubric of Project Grading:
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