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Week 9
US- Corse Reflection

There are several advantages to completing a degree in higher education. The biggest advantage is making more money over a lifetime. A person with a degree can earn thousands more a year than a high school graduate. It gives more room to plan for your retirement and make large purchases. The added sense of job security gives me comfort in knowing that I will have a steady income. I will also gain confidence. I will no longer be ashamed or afraid to apply for different positions because I don’t meet the education requirements. I can compete with people because my education will make me more marketable in the work force. The knowledge I am going to gain will make me a more rounded individual. Learning alongside people from diverse backgrounds makes it possible for me to effectively work with different people. Plus there’s the sense of personal accomplishment. A degree is something that cannot be taken away from me, and will enable me to provide a better quality of life for myself and family. I was able to take the ethical lens test which goes into deeper detail about the morals and values that I live by. I’m glad I did it because I’ve gained a better understanding of whom I am and what I stand for. I already knew that I was a people person, but I never knew I was the type to really stand up for their rights. I do believe in working hard to make way for the next person. Equality is something that people in the past have worked hard for and it should be given to everyone from different backgrounds and cultures. My ethical lens will help keep my academic behavior positive. Being determined is a sure path to success and I’m nowhere near giving up. The career building activity was great because it helped me come to the conclusion that I am majoring in a field that best fits my skills. I found out that I would excel in careers where success comes from applying practical skills and thinking is used to solve practical problems. Now I am positive that being a Social Worker is the best career choice for me. To be successful in this field I have to be far and clear-minded. Critical thinking will play a major role in how I determine what medical treatment or counseling is needed. These tests will help me keep pushing towards my goals. I realize that I work hard to make way for other people. Those people include my current and future family, as well as people I have yet to meet. I can use the tools I learned in this class to complete future assignments. I’ve learned how to effectively study on my own.