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Course Synthesis
Chapter 1: The Science of Psychology
From lecture, some of descriptive methods most draw me attention, such as case study, naturalistic observation, and laboratory observation. In detail, case study is useful to me for the fact that each time I study a case much carefully, there are always something new and interesting conclusions coming out. Also, I like naturalistic observation for that a more realistic result can be got in this experiment setting. In addition, I find that laboratory observation is important in promoting science development, since it can control over environment.

Chapter 2: Biopsychology
Based on the lecture, I regard sympathetic division in autonomic nervous system as important part in my body bio – psychological process, for the reason that I can better control both my physical and psychological stress with efficient ways according to its process. Besides, I found that both thyroid gland and pancreas useful to me, because I often find that I get dizzy before eating breakfast, and I think I have a hard time in metabolism, so I want to take advantage of them to help me recover to a healthy condition.

Chapter 3: Sensation & Perception
The lecture tells me some interesting things: motion sickness, eyes’ convergence and binocular disparity. I am amazed that motion sickness is caused by disagreement between vision and vestibular sense; because I thought that it is the result from the function of substances that are released by human body. Additionally, the convergence of an object depends on rotation of two eyes. However, there is a phenomenon happen to two eyes that images are probably different, called binocular disparity. I found those two points interesting, since I thought the convergence is the function of pupil of telescopic, and even never realize that there will be an image difference in eyes.

Chapter 4: Learning
Reinforcement, punishment and relative problems with punishment are most important to me in this lecture. Specifically, my parents give me a number of spaces and rights to make my own decisions, but they guide me to a right way through reinforcement and punishment, which I consider the first two to be the most important part in my success. For example, they encouraged me a lot, bought a toy, and even took me to amusement park when I did a good job. Nevertheless, they would take away some of my freedom when I made a mistake on purpose. Of course, when they apply serve punishments, I became to be anxiety about talking to them about my real thoughts.

Chapter 5: Memory
I explore an amazing concept throughout of the lecture, which is our memory can be stored by either iconic or echoic. I thought the memory can be only connected to brain. Also when human remember something, it has to do something with brain. Through the lecture, it corrects me by the concept that both vision and auditory can store memory. Besides, even the iconic memory only last less than a second, it has provided enough time for brain stem to evaluate importance, which I think it is magic.

Chapter 6: Consciousness and Cognition
I obtain the keys to several sleep questions I had before from this lecture. Particularly, after I get into sleep, I often find that I will experience a period cold time, especially when I open a fan. Also, when I get into deep sleep, I begin to dream. After learning that body temperature will drop since Non-REM Stage 1, and dreams ofen occur during the REM sleep, all my above phenomenon have been figured out. Meanwhile, I learn that brain will continue solving problems. It is important to me, because some problems I cannot figure out even considering for a long time. The problem – solving during sleep could be a good chance to obtain a result.

Chapter 7: Development
In this lecture, I am surprised that the twins are distinguished by monozygotic twins and dizygotic twins. To be specific, monozygotic twins are zygote splits into two separate cells, and the two cells developed