Remy Battery Case Study

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Brandon Marinich
Leadership and Org. Behavior
Dr. Barb Vallera
Remy Battery

Remy Battery is a new company to a relatively small area in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The business problem that they face is that they do not currently have a competitive edge, as they are trying to make a profit by selling strictly specialty items. The company is also widely unknown to consumers in the areas surrounding it. The solution to these problems includes improving customer relations, marketing Remy Battery more fully to attract new customers, and expanding the range of products and services the company offers. Remy Battery was started in 1931 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a retail store which sells batteries for virtually everything. In recent years, Remy Battery has expanded their business into two new locations: Escanaba and Hancock, both in Michigan. Remy Battery sells batteries for cell phones, cordless phones, four-wheelers, motorcycles, boats, automotive, heavy equipment and emergency lighting systems. The company is in the process of attempting to secure a contract with Fisher Price, which will enable the company to start selling and repairing Power Wheels toys, as well as supplying batteries for customers who own these machines. Within the next few years, Remy Battery plans to expand to at least 3 more locations in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: Marquette, Menominee, and Iron Mountain.

Business Problem
Remy Batteries business problem is the fact that they are a new company in a small area, yet a majority of the population still does not know that the company exists. The area consists of a population around 30,000 people. The targeted consumers, then, would be all 30,000 people since everyone requires batteries for at least one item they own or use. Remy Battery offers batteries and battery accessories at low-cost prices, yet this fact remains unknown by the general public. An additional problem Remy Battery faces is their lack of competitiveness; they strictly sell batteries and battery accessories. In order to succeed in such a small market, the company will need to diversify into selling additional products. Remy Battery has the potential to be a competitive and lucrative company, if it takes the necessary steps to improve their product line, customer relations, and advertising strategies.

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