Coursework Necklace Second Draft Essay

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Continuing The Necklace

‘What do you mean five hundred francs? You’re saying I spent all these years killing myself from working because I had to repay my debts. I’ve been trying so hard, as you see I’m looking older and I am poorer because of a fake necklace.’

Madam Loisel looked shocked and put her head down.

‘Oh, my poor dear, I am so sorry about you, but it wasn’t my fault, it is you who made the mistake. I am sorry about you, but I can’t do anything to help you.

‘You know, I am really sorry to border you about the necklace, it is yours now, do whatever you want with it.’ She slowly turned around and walked away without saying a word.

Madam Loisel went all the way home crying and crying about what had just happened. When her husband got home from work she told him and he got unbearably angry.

‘All these years we’ve been working so hard and you are telling me that it was all for nothing.’ said madam Loisel’s husband.

‘What was I supposed to do, ask her to give me the money or the necklace back?’

‘Yes of course. What, do you think you’ll just walk away like nothing happened?’ said Mr Loisel still angry.

A couple of days later Madame Loisel decided to go to Madam Forestier’s home to ask for the necklace and if she refused to hand it back, she was going to try to steel it. When Madam Loisel went to her house and knocked on the door, a face with a smile, which suddenly froze, came out. It was Madam Forestier, she didn’t know what to say, neither did Madam Loisel. The two women just stood on the door for a couple of minutes not knowing what to do. Minutes later Madam Forestier very quietly mumbled.

‘Come in… Mathilde.’

After they both went inside, they stood and for some time didn’t say anything and they only looked down at the…