Coursework: Oak and Coffee Table Essay

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Understanding the brief
To design and manufacture a product that is either ethical, sustainable, democratic or all of the above and for every day use.

Environmental friendly: My product will cause minor damage the environment or possible no damage at all.
This will also consist of the materials manufacturing as it has to be ecofriendly as possible.

Functional: my product will have to suit and match my brief. My product will have to serve the user well and It will be loved due to the quality and elegance of my product. My product will also be used every day.


Materials: my product would consist more than one elegant material. This will boost up the attraction of the product as well as the price. Plus my product must look nice to be purchased. 1

Design brief
To design a sustainable, useful yet stylish coffee table. It needs to be small enough for a room but big enough for storing small objects on the top surface. For example
“Currently in my living room I have nowhere to place my coffee when watching
TV. Therefore I would like to design a coffee table that can not only hold my coffee, but can also store some magazines and my remote control. The target market would be at the rich buyers who have a high disposable income, as my product will be expensive and the product will be good quality.


Research questions
• What is the target audience for my product? (Secondary Research; internet)
• What type of coffee table would my target audience be interested in? (Primary research; questionnaire) • What type of materials are the target audience interested in? (Primary research; questionnaire)
• Which is the most popular shape and size for a coffee table? (Primary research; questionnaire)
• What thoughts go into coffee table designs? (Secondary Research; internet( existing products))
• How much are my target audience willing to pay for my product? (Primary research ; questionnaire)
• How much is it going to cost for my raw-materials? (Secondary Research; internet(websites which see the materials))
• How is the product going to be manufactured? (Secondary Research; internet)
• How much is the manufacturing process going to cost? (Secondary Research; internet)
• Is it sustainable? (Primary research)


Ta Process
E E S sk s t i m a t e d s t a r t i n g t i m e Cr

I will produce a design brief and I


s ti m a t e d
i n i s h i n g ti m e

la c k ti m e 0

3 da 4

Preparation plan


E st i m at e d st ar t ti m e.

E s ti m a t e d fi n i s h ti m e .

S l a c k ti m e Gen eral desi gn idea s/ or

During this process, I will be creating ideas and using ideas from existing products as well as my imagination 13/


4 da ys


Moon board of
Coffee tables!


Product analysis 1: Simple Coffee Table


This product is unassuming. The materials it is made out off are Fibreboard and particleboard.
These types are wood are vey cheap and are like
MDF. It is not recommended for high quality products . This is why the product is on sale, firstly because of the materials used in the process and secondly, its not eye-catching; it doesn’t look nice and customers do not want to waste their money on a product like this coffee table.

This product is plain. It is a normal mediocre table. The shape is predictable. It is everywhere and almost every coffee table is a cuboid shape. The colour however I pretty much like because it is that simple yet classy colour, which can be silver and white like colour. I like the contrast. The design could have been better but the colour I think is very elegant. I think to make this product even more better and eyecatching, the designer could have added more features to this coffee table because besides the colour its not really attractive.

Assumed manufacturing process:


In a modern woodworking factory the process of manufacturing cutting is carried out using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)