Court Issues Analysis Essay

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Court Issues Analysis “The primary function of American criminal courts is to determine the legal guilt of the accused—that is, to determine if a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of committing a crime”, they essentially take over where police left off (Robinson, 2009). Though courts do much more than find people innocent or guilty, they also are “responsible for determining bail, conducting preliminary hearings (or grand juries), ruling on the admissibility of evidence, and determining the appropriate sentence when a finding of guilty has been reached” (Robinson, 2009). Though they perform many functions for the criminal justice system, there are many issues still facing the courts today. In this paper I will be identifying …show more content…
With facts like the ones mentioned above, if one is not rich he or she is less likely to be represented to the fullest, therefore imposing harsher punishments on the individual for not being wealthy enough which is not fair at all. Justice should never be separated from fairness in anyway. Within the criminal justice system there are future management issues and trends regarding language interpretation services. Within our country, there is an acceptance of immigration leading to more culture diversity calling for a need for more language interpretation services. “Language barriers and barriers erected by cultural misunderstanding can render criminal defendants virtually absent from their own court proceedings” (“The Increasing Importance of Language", n.d.). “This then intensifies the importance of court interpretation as a management issue for the courts, which are increasingly compelled to use language interpreters in court proceedings” (“The Increasing Importance of Language", n.d.). Language interpretation services have slightly been ignored in the past, that’s why in the future we need to be more prepared and aware that we have a very diverse culture and many people these days cannot speak English. Victim rights laws have a huge impact on court