Court Room Visit Essay

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My Day At Court

On November the 3rd I decided to take advantage of the extra credit opportunity and take a trip down to the city courthouse. After driving around looking for the courthouse; I find a parking spot, and enter the Caddo Parish Courthouse just before 9 a.m. Through the security check point I went, and on to the information desk, where I was told to head upstairs and talk with the bailiffs. Upon discussing with the bailiffs which court room would provide the most interesting cases; they informed me to try court room H. When asked why that particular room, the bailiff insisted that they would all be similar, and court room H was to start shortly. As I entered court room H and looked around and then took a seat. At this
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The arresting officer was at court to testify against the suspect. She was called up to the stand and sworn in by the bailiff. The lawyers questioned her on what had happened the night she pulled over the suspect. She stated upon first contact with the suspect she smelled alcohol on his breath. Upon further question of the suspect she said he told her he had bought the fake tags on the vehicle off the street. According to the officer the suspect did not blow and no field sobriety test were performed. It did not seem as she felt very comfortable being on the stand. Even though this was the suspects fourth DWI, it seemed the only real evidence for DWI the officer had was “alcohol on the breath” which to me did not fell like a real strong case. Another case that really caught my attention was one involving a young man that couldn’t be much older than seventeen or eighteen years. He had been arrested and charged with possession of a stolen firearm-felony. The judge granted him a trial by jury on a later date. Throughout the day there were around four or five causes involving carrying fire arms, some misdemeanor and some felony. If you couple that with the demeanor and attitude of most of the suspects; it truly is a scary thought. These were just a few of many cases that I would see throughout my time spent in the court room. My day at court was an eye opening experience.