Court Systems Essay

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Court Systems
There are State courts and Federal courts in the United States. In some cases, a party can remove a lawsuit brought in State court to Federal court. A dual court system consists of federal court and state courts, when a federal court is involved that mean that the United States is involved in the court proceedings. Now when it comes to the Federal Courts their jurisdiction is dealing with violations such as cases, crimes on federal property, military lawsuits, immigration cases, Torts between citizens of different states, cases that raise a constitutional and the subject matter jurisdiction cases. In the federal courts there are three levels, supreme, Courts of Appeal and District Courts. The supreme and court of appeals are the appellate courts in which that means, when you have trial and who are not happy with the decision or you believe an error was made during the judicial process. Then you have a chance to appeal your trial to the appellate whom, can overrule your trial outcome and uphold the outcomes. The US court system is seen as a prestige model for justice. In many countries, their judiciary system formed on the same bases as the US system. Such as Mexico and Japan, have modeled their judicial systems very close, to the United States. Britain has some of the similarities, but they do not offer a court that can declare a law unconstitutional like the Supreme Court can do so. The one that stands out from all things is the rights that are given to the accused. Such