Court Testimony Essay

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Chandler Reid

Skies are blue, and squirrels laugh running up their giant green homes. Cars clear their throats then roar to life. The warm sun glows and wraps around you like a golden blanket, gently touching the different colored fences that line up on every block to form a suburban rainbow. Birds stop by and visit to admire the dazzling sight, chirping with delight.

Clean and shiny, houses stand out proudly towering over the neatly trimmed, squared shaped hedges that compliment the yard. Below that is an even neater patch of grass trimmed to perfection. The sun beams down on the sidewalks and they glisten and sparkle all the way down the block desiring to be noticed. Friendly faces invite you in to their world with a smile when they see you greeting you with a good morning or a how do you do?

Time goes on, and the sun rises to the highest point in the sky engulfing us in its blazing rays. Smells of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill fills the whole neighborhood. Oval shaped brown leather spirals in the sky falling into a kid’s outstretched hands. An orange circled shaped Spalding spins in the air before dropping with a cush in the circular basket. Kids can be heard screaming not it as they run away from their chasers trying not to get caught. A hollow wooden bat can be heard making contact with a small white sphere in the distance.

The moon and the sun trade places and darkness falls us on like a black curtain. Houses light up, glowing with life, not a single house is gloomy. Life at night is much