Courtney: Dream and School Entrance Exam Essay

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Application Paper Failure; something that everybody is afraid of doing at some point in their life. Failure can be defined as the state or condition of not meeting an intended objective. It may also be viewed as the opposite of success. Failures can range from failing a test, failing a class, or even failing and flunking out of high school or college. Failure can also be viewed differently by people. One person’s failure may be another person’s success. Failure, in some cases, can lead to loss of sleep due to being worried about a big test, a presentation or even a job interview. Research has recently shown that dreaming of failure may actually be a good thing. Research that was held at the Sorbonne University in Paris recently studied a group of more than 700 people asking them what their dreams were the night proceeding their medical school entrance exam. When the results were published, it showed that over sixty percent of the people dreamt of the exam. Seventy-eight of them had dreamt negatively about it. The most common themes of the bad dreams were not being sufficiently prepared, not finding the room and arriving to the exam late. Surprisingly the study showed that those students who dreamt badly about the test did better than those who did not. This just goes to show that the more you think or dream about failing, the more chances you will have to try to succeed. I think that this is good information to all of us including myself because I feel like