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Courtney Smith
Professor Morehead

Final Draft: Hateful Language

My first job taught me many things. For instance , how to deal with people because that always seem to be my weakness. It was hard balancing right things to say and the absolutely truthful wrong things to say. I learned many things but the particular experience and empowering lesson I learned stuck with me.

When I started my first job at a company stuck between fast food and restaurant called “Panera bread”. I was so nervous and went to walk up to the register when Bam! My first encounter, this man walked up to me and goes”uh, are you going to order or just stand there?” I was shocked. I step back and reply kind of shallow “no, go ahead sir” then the cashier girl yells “May I help whose next? How may I help you sweetie?” I say “Yes please, I’m here for an interview with Jillian,” she replies “ Oh okay , let me go and get her,” she then snickers as she walks away and comments “ Girl let me tell you , you have a chance to run for those doors ‘cause once you’re here you’re never leaving!” Basically there went my indirect warning. Like my forewarning on what I’m about to get myself into. Then I had another experience that changed my whole perspective. I was on register alone for the first night and this huge dinner rush comes through the door as well as the line was also out the door too. This crowd specifically reminded me of the pelicans from the movie Finding Nemo all staring at that fish, yep that was me the poor fish. As I am taking this lady’s order a couple from the crowd shouts “ Uhm hello, this is ridiculous only one person is