Courtroom Observation Essay

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In the Courtroom Observation, both sides articulated great facts to why their client should win the case. The Lawyers representing Mr. Edward Hard were making an attempt to persuade the judges to entitle a summary judgment, as the prosecutors were pushing for a trial by jury. With many interesting facts and an extremely odd conscience in this case, the nine judges had a difficult task to handle. Edward Hard was staring down the barrel of conviction or freedom in the court case.
Choosing ones side to agree on could go either way, as both sides represented their clients perfectly. In this case though, I would agree sides with the appellant, Mrs. Deborah White. I believe that this would be the correct choice because drunk driving is no way
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I disagree with this because what Edward Hard did was against the common law of not to drink if you are going to drive. Biblical Worldview in this court case is on the Plaintiffs side. I believe this because Mrs. White did the right thing by calling the police when she was being chased down by Mr. Hard. Another reason why Biblical Worldview is sided with Mrs. White is because after listening to the case, she sticks with her story whereas the Defendant and the bartender seem to change their stories from one thing to another after the incident occurred. The bartender said Mr. Hard was not visibly intoxicated until the police questioned him, then he changed his story. The Bible states in Isaiah 24:9 “Drinkers cannot escape the consequences when God judges” (ESV). And I believe that Mr. Hard should suffer his consequences for the death of Mr. White. Edward Hard has broken Gods commandment and should be punished for his actions during that night. Although Mr. Hard does not remember, it was his choice to drink and continue to consume more alcohol when he was becoming intoxicated. Mr. Edward was known to be a drunk, and it was stated in the trial, that he had been caught drinking and driving several times. Matthew 18:22 says, “Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven” (ESV). In my own opinion, this means give someone a second chance, and obviously several were