Courtroom Players Essay

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Courtroom Players Response
Joann Ferrell
September 19, 2014
Travis Coldwell
Courtroom Players Response
Schmalleger (2013) uses this as to define what a courtroom work group is, “The professional courtroom actors, including judges, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, public defenders, and others who earn a living serving the court. Masters (2013) explains, “A body of other individuals may provide services to the court, for examples, Interpreters, Social Workers, Probation Officers, and Victim Advocates.” They work together to successfully prosecute a criminal court case. The courtroom work group seeks to produce an environment of justice.
Bergman & Berman (n.d.) indicates, “Several things go into determining if the prosecutor will bring formal criminal charges against someone. Prosecutors are invested with an enormous amount of “prosecutorial discretion”. Prosecutors make this decision based on the amount and the quality of the evidence, which in turn means whether they think they can win a conviction. Prosecutors base their initial charging decisions on the documents sent to them by the arresting police officers. The police report is quickly forward to the prosecutor assigned to do case intake. The other factor, most head prosecutors are elected officals and may view their position as a stepping stone to higher office. Public opinion and important support groups carry a certain amount of weight on what charges will be addressed.
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