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My Interest in Automobile's and Computer's

Throughout life, my aspiration in terms of prospective careers has been shared by both automobile's and computer's.

The allure of an education degree to me, is the prospect of some day stimulating the minds of young individuals and becoming an influential figure in their lives. In truth, I believe that an Education degree will allow me to explore all aspects of the educational field, and provide myself with an excellent basis for a career in Computer Science.

In my current Advanced level subjects I consider Computer Science as my forte, and this is supported by studies in Media, Sociology and History. The subject allows me to apply theory to real life situations, such as the theory of price elasticity within the consumer market. It is also my view that a degree in this subject will allow me to investigate in depth business, obtain valuable work experience, and obtain the vital skills that I will be able to apply in the world of work.

My current Advanced level studies are very demanding, but are the most beneficial academic programmes that I have taken part in. I enjoy the classroom teaching in a lecture style environment, but also get personal fulfilment from carrying out independent research, and adding my views to assignments that are set. I have also gained considerable satisfaction from studying the whole of my Computer Science course, and on a daily basis research different mediums in order to obtain information regarding the business world. I consider this independent learning process as very beneficial and is a characteristic of undergraduate study that will best suit me.

As well as my compulsory educational program, I regularly involve myself in extra curricular activities. I have taken part in the my local library helping other's with learning the use of computer's there. This was a very challenging activity that taught me the skills of dedication, motivation, teamwork, and time keeping in order for a compter science technician to work successfully.

In all of my educational institutions, I have been honoured with roles that carry with them a high degree of responsibility and pride. In my final year at high school, I was appointed as a peer councillor for lower school pupils, special needs assistant for children and was also made year representative and prefect for my year. Theses are activities that have helped develop me as a person and taught me the skills of delegation, arbitration, listening as well as the vital skills needed to work with others in order to generate results.

Since the commencement of my high school education, I have developed an interest for auto mechanic's. I am now a confident auto mechanic and am constantly striving towards improving my mechanic's with automobiles. I am at presently working towards my A.S.E. certificate, and I have recently completed my duration with Seminole State College Automotive Program with my certificate. I am hoping to accompilsh my A.S.E. certificate in the coming months. It is the working with automobiles that has taught me that preparation, determination and practice,…