Cousin Simmons Traits

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Cousin Simmons is the village blacksmith, a relative of the Coopers and the father of Ruth. Joseph is a big, heavy set man with a large appetite and a lovable personality. He is not as intelligent as Moses Cooper, but he is kinder. April Morning written by Howard Fast happens over approximately twenty-four hours in the town of Lexington, Massachusetts and it edges toward the start of the American Revolution. The story begins late in the day on April 18, 1775, and ends the next night. Joseph was a main character Joseph Simmons is timid, caring, and strong.
Joseph Simmons is chosen by the Committee to write a statement about the rights of man which is posted in Boston. Adam Cooper says “In my opinion which nobody asked, Joseph Simmons was a poor
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When Adam saw his Cousin Simmons after the war he was so glad because it comforts and reassures him even more meeting up with his kind, for he had feels the whole village had been killed. (Fast 126) Cousin Simmons watches over Adam after Moses died. He always encourages Adam to do his best and to do things he knows were right. “I went off with Cousin Simmons, who maintained that if he didn’t see to me, he didn’t know who would.” (Fast 147)
Not only was Joseph Simmons timid and caring he was also very strong physically and mentally. “They tried to outface him, but Joseph Simmons was as wide as two average men, and it would have taken braver men than these were to outface him.” (Fast 147) Joseph was mentally strong in many ways. He signs the Muster book knowing that he could be killed and leave his women at home fending for themselves. He was very courageous to fight for his town in the way he did. Adam needs an alternate father figure and Simmons became that person. Joseph is heroic when he protects him and talks to him about the war. Joseph was heroic for doing that for someone he didn’t need to. “Good heavens, Adam, we declared ourselves. There just is no stronger declaration of a man’s purpose than to take a gun and shoot someone dead.” (Fast