Covenant: Doctor of the Church and People Essay examples

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Patience is something struggle with. That alone is I think the biggest problem I have. I don’t like to wait for things or people, I don’t like when time is wasted for no reason at all, and I don’t like to be held up when I have things to do. I have chosen to make this my focus for the assignment given for the semester. Patience, waiting for people, I don’t like to be late. To me late is like being dishonest. Also when people say that they are going to show up at a certain time and does not show at that time it makes me mad. Waiting for things, like deliveries, if I am told it will be delivered at one time and it’s not I keep bugging whoever or whatever until it shows up. Stated in the Bermodsey Manuscript; “… we should be very well grounded in humility and patience in order to be serviceable to them without any prejudice to yourself” (2). What I am going to do to change this is when I come into a situation like stated above I will try to give a wider time slot for arrival then the person or thing is expected to arrive. This applies to everyday people and situations. It also ties into time being wasted which also is a big problem for me. Wasted time is pointless and really gets under my skin. When people make plans with me I expect everything to be organized and for everyone to know what we are going to do. When we come together and no one knows what is going on or what we are going to do, to me, is pointless and it’s the queue for me to leave. I don’t know why but…