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Savannah Beavers
English 151-06
Dr. Laura Smith

Tuition Reform: When is it enough? From public to private universities and colleges, tuition has become a top controversial issue. Whether it’s a current student or an incoming freshman it’s not easy paying for college no matter what the social class. Majority of students who are in college are not completely paying out of pocket either. If a handful of students were taken and asked how they are paying for college, they would without a doubt say loans. With that tuition reforms, or policies that are in the making to fix the pricing of tuition, have come into play. Tuition reforms are so controversial because even with money being handed out left and right to help pay for a student’s college tuition, most of the time it isn’t enough because college’s rate of tuition is constantly rising. Where does that leave the student? Most likely we will see young adults dropping out, or extremely in debt. With the economy now, it’s not the smartest decision for one, but may be the only option they have left. With such a controversial issue it’s hard to decide on which side to choose. On one hand you have people who are for tuition raises so other areas in the economy can prosper, and on the other hand you have the people who are for tuition reform, and want tuition to be more affordable to a low-class family. Tuition reform has never been a controversial issue until the last couple of decades due to a sudden increase in pricing for all types of college and universities including: public, private, and community.
Private colleges tend to pay more regardless compared to a public or community, and public colleges tend to pay more than a community. Each type serves as it’s on purpose but has been extremely pricey. Even with things like scholarship and grants, most are still left with the burden of paying a couple extra thousand dollars out of pocket which can eventually lead to debt. However, a child has plenty of opportunities to fulfill their tuition responsibilities. If a child works hard enough in high school the more money is most likely to be rewarded. The same applies to a college student enter a higher year in their college years. Parents have become a huge influence in our lives when it comes to paying for tuition, and like previously stated many feel that it has become easier for us to pay for college. Some parents make sure that their child succeeds very high in high school so they’re open to best benefits, and some even make their child get a job and set up and account strictly for college tuition. Although it’s not a walk in a park, it is possible for nearly anyone and everyone.
Most students are led on to college without thinking of pricing because of pre-ambitions. There is a saying that states “Getting into your dream college is one thing, but paying for it becomes another.” Many young adults are forced into college with doubts shoved down our throats because many critics believe it’s nearly impossible to get a job without a degree. Despite the tuition becoming a burden more scholarship, and grants opportunities have become available to this