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In the university, I volunteered at the Special Olympic World Summer Games 2007. My job there was to accompany with a soccer team from Austria that consisted of 13 players, in which 8 were intellectual disabilities and was responsible for their daily life in Shanghai. The two weeks was an unforgettable period during which I learned about love, care, responsibility and patience, and most importantly, I felt the power of faith and determination.

There was one game I still can remember clearly till now. In the eighth finals we encountered a strong opponent from Hungary. What’s worse, there was a heavy shower that day and our team members had seldom played in the rain before. The whole situation was unfavorable to us and I could almost see us lose. Not surprisingly, our team lost two goals just in ten minutes after the game started. At the end of the first half of game, the score was 3-0 and I thought our players might just give up and played the second half easily because the results was set already and some of our players were just kids mentally who might not be able to bear the pressure. However, I was totally wrong. These guys fight in the court as hard as they had done in all other games and none of them tried to slack off. And their teammates off the games were in high spirit as always and were cheering up for them even when their team lost a goal again. I was deeply shocked by the scene and at that time, I saw a group of fighters. These fighters did not depend on the incentives like huge amounts of bonus or great honors, they travelled thousands of miles to China to take part in the games only