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Jane Doe
403 Oak Street.
Philadelphia PA, 19122

January 10, 2011

Mary Smith, Manager
Ritz Carlton Philadelphia Hotel
5000 Market St.
Philadelphia PA, 19107
Dear Ms. Smith:
I was excited to hear that you are seeking an applicant for the position of Front Desk Agent at your Philadelphia Ritz Carlton. As an applicant with three years of customer service experience, I would enjoy serving your customers with the warmth, dedication, and attention to detail they come to expect from the Ritz Carlton hotels.
I can multi-task in helping customers and managing reservations. I handled the front desk at Johnson Oil Company, a Bethlehem-based provider with 2000 customers in the Lehigh Valley. I was the first point of contact with the company, taking orders, answering questions, handling customer problems, and making sure that everyone who called was provided the best service possible. The database I worked with at Johnson Oil was organized by dates, much like hotel reservations are. I also acted as liaison to delivery, repair, and technical personnel. My ability to simultaneously manage multiple tasks will allow me to give the best possible service to Ritz Carlton guests.
Working as a customer service representative at a minor league baseball stadium, The Lancaster Mets, and as a cashier in two other businesses, I exemplified the friendly, professional and efficient manner that the Ritz Carlton seeks. I easily deal with difficult customers without losing my professionalism, and I work hard to make customers feel welcome and actively encourage their return visits. I’m confident I can translate these skills to