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Martha Rodriguez

I am interested in applying for the internship opportunity at given the Company’s leading position in cloud-computing and technology. My passion and goals are to work in-house at an innovative firm that can provide business experience in the legal field that will help augment my law school education and provide the foundation for a successful career upon graduation.

Through my past experiences interning in-house, at firms such as BMG and others, I have realized the vast amount of information and depth of experience that can be gained when collaborating with supportive supervisors. However, being a successful intern means not relying on a formal internship process to afford a memorable experience. Instead, it means being proactive in evaluating how to take advantage of every opportunity afforded, and taking the responsibility to perform every task professionally and to the fullest of your abilities.

My inspiration comes from my father, a mechanical engineer, who risked the lives of his family to escape the tyranny of Cuba on numerous occasions. In his first attempt, with my father, my sister, and myself onboard, we were we were caught at sea and taken back to the island. While in prison for two years my father decided to give his escape another try, and this time he could not fail. At the age of six I once again was placed on a raft, however, this time my family was captured by the US Coast Guard, and placed on a larger vessel at sea, in naval purgatory, for eight months living in a hallway they had allocated for all the Cuban refugees found at sea.

With two kids and a piece of cardboard to their name my parents never lost sight of the goal no matter what the situation presented. After our stint on the ocean, we were then placed in Guantanamo Bay. At the time it was a military base that in no way represented the ideals of freedom and democracy that was the “America” they had heard about…