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Lynn A. Hanafy
111 Afra Dr.

Westboylston, MA 01583

C# 978-424-3198


Dear Hiring Manager,

In today’s world where everything is so fast paced and automated, finding the right person to manage and represent a company, maximize sales and be customer service oriented is getting harder and harder to find and that is why I am a rare commodity.

My long term experience in the customer service industry has taught me how to always go above and beyond for the customer and to always remain professional and kind in doing so. From working as a customer support specialist on the technical support team at Fidelity to working as a customer support specialist at NxStage Medical and managing patients’ accounts, I have learned to be patient and kind to every voice that came through on my phone line that required my help. At my position at NxStage Medical I had almost 200 patients and over 20 centers, and day by day this number would grow as new patients and centers came on to my company and I would manage their accounts. Many times I would come across very sick patients, or sad situations would come up where kindness and sensitivity to the patient or the patient’s family were critical. I had a knack for being able to get all of my responsibilities done while adding the human touch to my customer support role. I had a passion for my job and also a natural talent that is hard to find these days. I could have a very angry or a very sick patient having a bad day and I was able to turn them around so that by the end of our phone conversation they were very happy and pleased