Job Application Letter For The Position Of Project Assistant

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1797 Shattuck avenue, room #504 Date(11 July 2015)

Dear Sir/Madam.

I am writing to apply for the position of project assistant next semester. Having read the job description in the message, I believe that my interpersonal skills and assistant experiences make me a strong candidate for the position.

I will be a final-year student of economic school in Renmin University, and my major is National Economic Management. In the last three years I have participated in lots of activities with foreigners. Being a responsible summer school volunteer, I had a chance to meet and help people from different parts of the world. Also, serving as a translator in “Bring me hope” camp, I helped American volunteers to take good care of Chinese orphans. I have gained interpersonal skills and experiences in organization and management thanks to these activities.

As described on the enclosed resume, I not only have good communicating and organization skills but also have assistant experiences. I was been selected as an assistant of last summer session, helping teachers address class issues as well as entertain Italian professors; Besides, I once worked for 3 months as a sales assistant in a French company and grasped valuable chances to develop myself. My experiences have shape my personalities and ensure I can quickly immerse myself in different environments as well as work efficiently with diverse teams.

Because of summer session, I won’t be in Beijing before 7th September. After that, I would be happy to discuss my qualifications in an interview at your convenience if there’s any.

Please email me at or text/phone me at 18811311402 after