How To Write A Hire Manager

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The Hiring Manager
Hewlett-Packard Co,
Palo Alto, California.

Dear Hiring Manager,

The question I would like to help you answer is why you should hire me out of the thousands of other applicants. I rate myself based on the value I bring to an organization. What really drew me to apply for this particular job role is that the job description sounds a lot like my biography if I were to have one. People I have worked with in the past have used exact or similar terms to describe me.
My seven year experience in the financial industry has given me several skills that I will bring to bear on the job. I started out as a transaction officer in the topmost commercial bank in Nigeria while also pursuing a college degree part-time. I sharpened my team dynamics skills and the ability to juggle several responsibilities simultaneously. Upon the completion of my degree program, I was made an operations officer where I led an average team of 15 transaction officers and college interns across three different branches in different states.
As any of my supervisors will attest to, I am a self-starter and I enjoy challenges and often attend managerial meetings way above my pay grade with permission. I do this to ensure that whatever goals I set for my small team conforms to the overall strategic goal of the organization. I later worked as the unit head of the customer service team in my branch which was two pay grades above my level. I have attended and organized regional training sessions for operatives and I was able to achieve the highest obtainable performance rating