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Cover Letter
Dear , This is my second term in xxx, i hadn't written very much in there, my instructor mainly taught me about grammar, just made a few paper to us, so i haven't had too much writing experience. Before this term i still had no idea what should i do on the paper, i didn't even know what the thesis statement and outline were, which made me very distressed.

Even though i know that write a essay assignment of today is a big challenge for me, but the good thing is, i have been learning a lot of knowledge to improve my writing skill, i have known how to figure out the thesis statement, outline and paraphrasing, knowing that i get to pick what is important and what is not. Those changes above are definitely restoring my confidence.

Last english lesson was Peer-review day, i read and discussed drafts with the other students in the class, and commented on their papers, that was a good opportunities to me to see what they wrote about and learn about more about what kinds of things work and don’t work. According to the feedbacks that students of my group gave me, they said my essay was a lot of sentence that sounds awkward, maybe the grammar issues, so they suggested me to learn more about grammar. They also said my essay’s explanation might be too unilateral, some of the point didn't match the main idea and thesis statement, then they used a marker to mark out some incorrect sentences on my paper to let me realized the error. Now, I've known what needs to be fixed, according to the advise they gave me, i have revised the incorrect area of my paper and made it better.

The part of the final draft of my paper which i like the most is where i write about is don't let grades be your “package”, the reason is i know everyone want to get a good grade, but nobody can be perfect. i think if we